Hear from Others

“I love working with Karla. We met at a Music Together class years ago and have been friends ever since. I’ve called on Karla to watch my boys and I always came home to a clean home and happy kids. Years later my children still sing the chant Karla taught them about setting the table. She’s great fun for your kids and a delight to talk to as an adult. I highly recommend Karla as a resource for any family.”
– Danielle C., Denver, CO

“Karla has helped us with our kids, pets, and house over the years and she is completely amazing. Recently, she stayed in our house for a month while we were away. Karla has so many wonderful qualities, but to be brief, she is mature, responsible, and extremely caring. I highly recommend her.”
– Anne B., Lowry, CO

“Over the years, we found Karla to be a very loving and competent caregiver. She always provided great care and attention to our daughter. On several occasions, my wife and I took trips without our daughter and we were always comfortable that our daughter was safe and happy with Karla. My wife and I have busy schedules, it was extremely important that we had a nanny that we could count on to always show up and always be on time. Again, Karla excelled in this area.

Because we knew our daughter would spend a lot of time with her nanny, we felt it was important to find someone who maintained a happy and upbeat attitude. We wanted someone who make everyday a fun experience. Karla was wonderful in this area, also. She always arrived with a smile on her face. She created great activities and fun things to do with our daughter. They always have fun together.

Karla was an awesome Nanny who contributed greatly to us raising a happy, well-adjusted and loving daughter. Karla made a truly positive impact on our daughter’s life and our family.”
– Mickey F., Lowry, CO